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Everyone is undeniable, The North Face outdoor market benchmark, its several classic products to withstand the test of the most harsh conditions, so far enduring has been the other manufacturers to catch up with the target, especially its summitseries "the vertex series, the whole boutique, boutique! Its position just like the car in the Mercedes-Benz, ALICE With The North Face, like car enthusiasts have a Mercedes-Benz. From another perspective, The North Face imitation goods more shows its good quality and have so many people went imitation Yeah, why did not people go to the imitation of other brands! Said the real to the enemy, in fact, as long as you carefully read the real thing, the fakes would provide a clear, regardless of what the high-low imitation imitation. The crucial moment of the outdoor clothing is a life-saving thing, its quality is simply demanding, wide Caulking not pin uneven not 8 randomly selected from a rigorous testing. For substandard products, should be destroyed, so-called original single; Weihuo; dumped goods; foreign trade goods, etc. is all a lie, outdoor clothing only genuine and fake points. As for club orders directly to the manufacturer to be customized to a subsection or scraps imitation of a paragraph, I can only say that the club lie off the mark, Germany is not a lack of the slightest bit. Those famous processing plants, manufacturers its control is very strict, and requires a lot of substandard products will be destroyed, and must not be at the local or national direct sales, strict control of raw materials, are processing it. So I say, outdoor products, only the real thing and fakes of the points. In the United States and Europe, The North Face is the high-end products, been abroad pay attention to this comrades profound understanding. For example, common in the streets of Europe and the United States to China Mix, 10 to eight are wearing The North Face, is evident. Let frequently six or seven hundred domestic Nike, Adidas, in the United States also seventy to eighty dollars, in line with normal rates of exchange in the United States, but the Jackets The North Face jackets generally between 250-500 U.S. dollars. Piece of clothing is so expensive, when the American middle class to buy is hesitant, but it was worth! it northface denali jackets the Jackets life of roughly 2056, that is to wear every day, and one week climb a mountain the case measured conclusion. As we all know, the Americans really, its computer performance data subject to a number of products in the lowest, while the narrow strip of water contrary to the highest number of products subject. In fact, all walks of life in the United States are pursuing the idea, as their car is scrapped standard or car service life, many car reached middle age when scrapped. North face sale we usually see three or four hundred of imitation goods, rain is no problem, wind permeability bad, so many people have complained about the "outside under heavy rain, which drizzle, the consequences when you once stopped after a large amount of exercise, body temperature decreased rapidly, easily frostbite or cold, or disability. And not just waterproof rain on the line, the measured data in the case of water pressure, wind is more complex, rain wind alone, ten dollars rubber raincoat can be competent. Jackets are designed for a variety of brutal conditions, such as cold, minus 10 degrees most of the fakes on crisp waterproof breathable performance is also greatly reduced! Its accessories, not to mention. Genuine parts require very strict, such as zippers, Velcro, adhesive strips, inner material has a very strict standard, even making clothes machines are very expensive and not good to buy the the ordinary machines simply can not make . The North Face on the details of the pursuit of its research and development investment funds, energy, globally recognized as second to none, give a small example of cheap North Face ski suit jacket pocket has a quality wipe glasses cloth. THE NORTH FACE women, has also been translated into the north, can be understood as a mountain north of the hillside (USA Outdoor brands), of The North Face began to design, produce and sell their own brand of outdoor equipment, the development of the late 1980s, TNF become the only company in the United States The production range covers a series of outdoor jacket, ski clothing, backpacks, tents and other supplies manufacturers. The 1990s is a TNF shine time.
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